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We are Konex Kenya and we are here with an aim of making the world a better place.


KONEX KENYA LIMITED endeavors to be a sustainable organization through responsible Safety, Health and
Environmental management practices along its value chain from the impact of our products, processes, and
operations. We shall actively care for the health and safety of our people, the environment, host communities and
our resources. We shall uphold our vision of Zero Harm, the principles of a Zero Mindset, Simple Non- Negotiable
Standards and effective management of Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) risks and impacts.

We Are Committed To:
 Comply with all applicable SHE legislations , international obligations, standards and other requirements
to which we subscribe to;
 Proactive consideration of Safety, Health and Environmental issues in our decision making,
 Provide adequate resources necessary for delivering on this commitment of a safe and healthy workplace
for our employees and contractors and the maintenance of responsible environmental standards,
 Efficient use and conservation of natural resources and the prevention of pollution,
 Consultation with internal and external stakeholders on relevant matters relating to safety, health and the
 Continual improvement of our safety, health and environment performance,
 Communicate this policy and make it available as appropriate to all employees, contractors and others
engaged in work for or managed by Konex Kenya Limited.
We hold leaders at all levels in our organization accountable for our safety, health and environmental performance
and expect all our employees and contractors to actively participate in our pursuit of Zero Harm and incidents.

This policy shall be reviewed at appropriate intervals where necessary for its suitability and relevance.

                                                               QUALITY POLICY

Konex is committed to providing quality services, innovative biomass products and solutions that exceed the

expectations of its customers and stakeholders. This commitment reflects in our vision to be the regional leader

in provision of biomass products and solutions grounded on our corporate core values. Quality is an integral part

of our Corporate Business Principles.

We are committed to the essential elements of our commitment for excellence by:

 Complying with relevant laws and regulations,

 Promoting a quality mind-set with the objective of developing, manufacturing and providing products

and services with zero defects,

 Educate, train and motivate employees to carry out tasks in a quality responsible manner and ensure that

a continuous professional development strategy remains core to our business goals.

 Drive business strategic goals through continual improvement of quality performance and achieving our

quality objectives.

 Quality Policy principles and objectives shall be communicated and made available to staff and

interested parties upon request and our website.

The Top management is committed to lead our organization to excellence in the delivery of our professional

services. This shall be achieved through review of the risks and opportunities to our business and set objectives

against which our performance can be measured to identify opportunities for continual improvement of the

Business Management System and enhancing levels of customer satisfaction.

This policy statement shall be reviewed periodically to ensure its continued relevance and adequacy.


Konex recognizes that CSR is not only a business imperative to create sustainable growth, but an essential

component to engage with the communities in which we conduct our day-to-day business operations. We will

integrate Community Investment considerations into decision-making and business practices which can assist in

local capacity building to develop mutually beneficial relationships with communities.

This CSR Policy shall provide long-term benefits to our employees, customers, partners and individuals in all

communities who we interact with. Konex will focus on these key areas:

Employees – Respecting the values of employees, providing good conditions of work and equal opportunities,

improving employee satisfaction and through training, developing their intellectual capacity for their greater

benefit and quality of life.

Environmental impacts – Managing business development activities in order to maximise on recycling

opportunities and minimise the risk of pollution, waste and nuisance to neighbours.

Sustainable development – Long term impacts arising from the communities that the Konex interact with

including energy efficiency of dwellings, transport, meeting social and economic needs.

Relationships with Customers – Being responsive to customer needs and providing a quality assured service

that intrinsically incorporates all relevant legislative considerations.

Suppliers and Partners – Treating suppliers fairly and driving CSR codes of practice throughout the goods and

services supply chain.

Community involvement – Charitable giving and engagement with local communities through funding, support

and work experience programmes.

Ethos – Encouraging high standards of professionalism throughout the company and promoting best practice in

respect of ethical behaviour.

This policy shall be reviewed regularly for its suitability and relevance.

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